Walkers Fresh

Food Safety

Our Commitment to Food Safety

Walkers works closely with the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as well as other third-party certifiers to achieve the highest level of food safety compliance in addition to implementation of all new food compliance regulations immediately. We understand our partners’ need for safety, reliability and quality is of the highest importance. We have over 75 years of experience in delivering food safety to our customers, while maintaining consistency and the highest quality standards. We truly go the extra mile.

  • Walkers is GFSI Certified
  • Walkers is audited and certified by the FDA and USDA
  • Other certifications through periodic audits include COSTCO, and appropriate state and local entities
  • Walkers performs daily swabbing and testing of all products for food allergens and pathogens through an independent laboratory which is ISO 17025 accredited. We take food safety extremely serious!
  • We use Grade A ingredients
  • All ingredient vendors must be approved through third party audit
  • Ingredient vendors are required to follow our strict quality standards and control procedures

Quality Assurance​

We treat every partner in a specific way. We will design testing to meet very specific customer driven quality standards that are fit the outcome for their need, in taste, texture and appearance.