Ambrosia Fruit Delite
A luscious fruity treat. A whipped non dairy topping, chunks of pineapple, red cherries, miniature marshmallows and shredded coconut.

Chocolate Mousse
An ever popular dessert made with the full flavor of rich chocolate, whipped together with vanilla in a light and airy mousse.

Fudge Cookies and Cream

Strawberry Mousse
A Bright and Lively mousse made with strawberry topping and whipped into a light fluffy dessert. Pistachio Mousse A unique and delicious combination of miniature marshmallows, pineapple, and pistachio flavored whipped mousse topping.

Cranberry Pecan Nut
This elegant holiday salad is a special treat year round. Whole cranberries, chopped pecans and celery combined with cranberry sauce in a strawberry-raspberry gelatin.

Pineapple Walnut Supreme
Pineapple tidbits and walnuts blend perfectly in this fluffy snow white dessert. Perfect for a hot day or a holiday treat.

Yogurt Dessert Dip
Yogurt has never tasted so good!!! The creamy smooth yogurt mousse is a light and delightful dessert. Fruit trays become the hit of the party when the Yogurt is used as a dip. Blend it with frozen berries to make a succulent smoothie. Be creative and enjoy.

*Waldorf Salad / Apple Walnut Salad
A holiday favorite now available year round. Crispy Golden Delicious apples tossed in thick creamy dressing and mixed with walnuts, celery, pineapple chunks, golden raisins, and red cherries.

Pistachio Mousse


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